Taking risks is in the DNA of Richmond, Virginia - a community where recent graduates and local entrepreneurs can take chances, innovate, and start something new.  We are a thriving business community with a cutting-edge entrepreneurial ecosystem.  Our history is full of a unique mixture of thinkers, makers, and creators that have made the region the perfect place for a business to take root.  The Innovation Council leverages the diversity of the individuals and organizations within the entrepreneurial ecosystem so together we achieve greatness by harnessing collaborative strengths.  

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With the goal of promoting innovative activity and growth sectors through infrastructure for entrepreneurial, innovation and commercialization success, the metrics report will help drive the activity needed to solidify the Richmond region as a hub for knowledge-based startups, entrepreneurs and all things innovative.  To read the metrics report, click here.   

Tenant Turner was built by landlords to solve the age old problem of finding quality tenants quickly.

Combined, the three co-founders have almost fifty years of software development experience and we each have at least one rental property. We’ve married our passions for usable, valuable products to solve the problems we’ve encountered managing residential rental properties.


We’re all trying to stand up together and show the outside that this is a great place to start and run a high-growth business.
— Chris Stewart