#innovateinRVA with Cupron

  • Ball Conference Room, Biotech Center 800 East Leigh Street Richmond, VA 23219
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Rethinking the hospital environment-deploying copper self sanitizing hard and soft surfaces to create a hostile environment to microorganisms

Cupron, Inc. is a copper-based technology company that specializes in bringing the unique properties of copper including antimicrobial, anti-odor, and skin enhancement properties to healthcare, military, industrial and consumer products. Today, Cupron® technology is incorporated into products sold by several international branded consumer companies, including Kimberly-Clark, Unilever, Under Armour, Dr. Scholl’s, Carhartt, New Balance, Copper Sole, and Provonic.

Cupron’s strategic focus is on the healthcare market. In 2014 Sentara Health, a leading IDN and long term care provider operating in Virginia and North Carolina, initiated a clinical trial to measure the impact of copper-impregnated surfaces on healthcare-associated infections (HAI). In this presentation Cupron will review the role of the environment in healthcare acquired infections, and how Cupron® Medical Textiles and Cupron Enhanced EOS Surfaces produced by a partnership with EOS Surfaces in Norfolk VA has led to an environment that is hostile to microorganisms and improves patient outcomes.

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